Jaelle Fuchs

Hi! My name is Jaelle Fuchs. I am a PhD Student at the University of Zurich at the Department for Media and Communication Research (IKMZ). I started my PhD in February of 2021 in the Internet Use and Society division, led by Eszter Hargittai.

I studied Media and Communication with minors in both political science and philosophy of religion for my BA at the Universtiy of Zurich. For my MA I joined the Internet and Society Master’s program. I joined the Internet Use and Society division as a student assistant in June 2018. See my CV for more details.

In my research I am interested in online participation and how it intersects with digital inequalities. Particularly, how digital inequalities can affect online participation at different levels and across platforms. You can find more details about my research here.

Outside of research I like to go on walks around Zurich. I love to crochet, especially while listening to podcasts or while catching up on some TV Shows.